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    what feature's of Android App toady

    What is the important feature of Android App today in our life, Have any one conclude about this feature which is more effective in our working profession. If any one want to become a good Android App developer for a charming career, will it be effective.

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    Features of Android App as Follows:

    1. Messaging
    2. Web Browser
    3. Voice Based Application
    4. Multitasking
    5. TV Recording
    6. Accessibility
    7. Native Apps
    8. Java Support

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    thanx for sharing

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    There is a huge difference in iOS and android apps. Using desired operating systems has now become an addiction, users prefer to use their favorite OS according to the features and user experience. Both of these platforms defer in various technical aspects, for instance, coding, IDE, OS, Design App reviews, distribution platforms, market shares, profitability app stores, and launching fee through respective app stores. Android is an open source platform and convenient for startups! Therefore, most of the android app development companies prefer to work on free tools and technologies.

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