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    Lightbulb 2 Methods to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

    Transferring data from Android to iPhone may trouble you for a while if you just switched from an old Android phone to a new iPhone X or iPhone 8/8 Plus. Take it easy! Here in this guide I will show you two effective methods to help you transfer data from Android to iPhone quickly.


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    This is why I would never buy apple products. I use linux as my main OS and there's no program to do data transfers from linux to iphone, ipod and ipad. If apple could just use MTP protocal, then any OS can transfer data.

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    To do that, the easiest way is to use Phone Transfer. It can connect your Android phone and iPhone and other iOS devices at the same time and transfer files between them. You can transfer messages, photos, videos, contacts, music, calendars, apps and app data from your Android phone to iPhone easily. Learn how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone.

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    Finally get the long desired iPhone to replace your old Android phone? Then you possibly need to transfer files from Android phone to your new device such as those precious messages recording the sweet moments with your boyfriend of girlfriend. So how do you messages from Android to iPhone? Well, just sync the messages from Android phone to the computer and then from the computer to iPhone? That's too troublesome!

    That is, by means of this Phone Transfer software, which allows you to freely transfer SMS messages from Android to iPhone X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/5S/SE. With this software, you can directly transfer Android SMS messages to iPhone without any difficulty. Also, this software can not only support SMS messages, but also suit other files like contacts, photos, videos, apps, and many more. More importantly, this software is fully compatible with devices running Android, iOS and Symbian systems. So you are totally free to share any files among these devices as you needed and wanted!

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    Have no idea of transferring files from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android mobile phone on your desktop computer? Wish to find a reliable yet professional tool to help you do the tedious work in the daily life?

    Mobile Phone Data Transfer is here to do you a favor. With it, you can transfer various types of files between Android and iPhone easily, and the transferring process will be protected by the technology, so that here is no quality losing, no personal info leaking out.

    Step 1. Choose the Function You Need
    Step 2. Link Your Android and iPhone to PC, and Check the Position
    Step 3. Begin to Copy

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