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    How to Connect Online Payment Integration in Android

    I am looking for online payment method which can help me to manage all the transaction with a proper maintenance and notification for every event. This is really important for me to run an online business. So If anyone has any experience so please let me know here.


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    How to Connect Online Payment Integration in Android


    Here’s a list of requisites for effectively adding a payment gateway feature in your app:

    Seller account type

    A merchant or seller account refers to the online account that holds the payment for a while until it is being processed by the payment gateway. Currently, there are two types of merchant (seller) accounts: Dedicated and Aggregated.


    PayPal is a leading payment integration method and supports 26 currencies and has customers in 203 countries. It offers exclusive services like performing a transaction with bitcoins, splitting the payment, creating an invoice, paying multiple people at the same time, hosting your own checkout page, and so on. For a mobile app developer, PayPal integration is the ideal option for streamlining the mobile payment procedure.


    You can also consider Braintree a subsidiary of PayPal for enjoying incredible online payment solutions. This mobile payment API offers features such as direct integration with PayPal, advanced attack protection, compatibility with 7 programming languages, 24/7 technical support, support for 130 currencies, and processing credit card as well as Bitcoin. The most important thing about using Braintree is that it charges no service free until your trading account reaches $50,000. Once the limit exceeds, you are charged a transaction fee of 2.9% and fixed monthly charges.


    Stripe is a developer-friendly mobile payment gateway with a support for a vast range of programming languages, including Java, Ruby and PHP. It accepts payments in nearly 140 currencies and allows easy subscriptions, card storage and direct payments to a bank account. In addition to this, it processes bitcoins and allows the developers to either use the pre-built form or make a custom one.

    Application security certificates

    Mobile app developers looking forward to provide online payment solutions should choose the most trusted mobile payment gateways (like PayPal or Braintree), but you still need to ensure that this whole process is done considering the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance. This is because the PCI compliance covers a set of security standards developed to protect card information during and after a transaction takes place.

    The merchant needs to satisfy following requirements:

    • Build and maintain a secure network via firewall configuration setup or other means on your mobile app.
      Protect cardholder data within the PCI payment gateway through encryption and tokenization.
      Implement strong access control measures on your app such as assigning a unique ID to each person.
      Monitor and test the networks regularly. Examine the test security systems and processes for PCI payment gateway integrity.

    SDK integration

    All the mobile payment gateway providers offer SDKs comprising mobile platform libraries. These libraries enable easier supporting and maintaining of the resulting software as well as reduce the risk of PCI. Thus, SDK integration makes the tasks easier for the mobile app developers.

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    Thanks for your brief information about the the payment wallet options available. I personally figured out the Striple is a better option which can make all the things with one single app.

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