What's up developers!

I've compiled a list of some of the top developer tools for Android, mainly for creating your own app or smartphone optimized website. Here are a few:

Buzztouch: One of the most popular open-source app engines for android. No programming skills necessary.
AppMakr: Another “no coding required” app builder with excellent user support.
ShoutEm: App creator mainly focused on bloggers and publishers, integrates with WordPress, Facebook and Twitter. Again, no programming required to get started.
AppsGeyser: Great tool for building android-friendly websites.
AppYet: Professional and intuitive app creator.
AppyPie: Three-step app builder with simple drag and drop interface.
Mobbase: Cool app maker for bands, artists, DJs, labels, radio stations, general music industry people.

Are there any other useful ones that I've missed? Or better alternatives?