There are something to prevent Android tablet to replace a regular PC, especially for office document works. I was reluntant to store my files on Google Drive, I used to edit the files and then upload to my FTP server, but this is time consuming especially I've multiple devices need to be in sync., I finally gave up and let Google to handle all that. It is fine if I only work with photos, audio and video, Android is powerful enough to handle graphics and video for average users, but I also have some spreadsheets to do and that caused me serious pain in the neck. There are tons of office suites on Android I can use, but they all have restrictions.

I have some small spreadsheets with simple formular and Android has no problem to handle that, the problem are, some office suites unable to handle password protected files, Google Sheet is one of them, and it insisted to save as XLSX instead of the more common XLS older version, other problem is all the suites insisted to rename the edited file with a date, and refused to save to original location. For example I open a file on the USB drive, I won't be able to save back to the drive it don't even show up, I must save to SD or locate drive, and then rename it and save back, or upload to Google drive, this annoyance partly blame to the Android system security design to prevent write to external drive even I allowed it beforehand. I don't know how Chrome OS works, but I believe it has similar problem.