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    transferring photos from a samsung 404 to a linux pc

    I've tried to switch the phone to usb mode, no go
    the pc is mageia[mandriva fork]
    the phone is from straight talk

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    Ensure that usb Debugging mode is off on your phone.
    Ensure that your phone is on pc mass storage mode.
    Ensure your linux user is in the group 'storage'. (check by typing 'groups' into your terminal.)

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    I'm on KDE
    When I type group into konsole, command not found

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    That's groups with an S. Are you usually able to access other USB storage devices such as pen drives and external hard drives?

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    This may be similar to what you may need to do:

    To transfer pictures from my Samsung Galaxy SII to my 'Mint Linux' world, this what I needed to do:

    1. Boot your PC into linux.
    2. On the phone, turn off USB Debugging: Settings ->Developer Options -> USB Debugging (Off)
    3. On the phone, invoke USB mass storage: Settings -> More -> USB Utilities -> tap 'connect storage to pc' & you will be asked to connect the USB cable.
    4. Connect the USB cable between the phone and PC
    5. The phone will display a new screen, tap connect.
    6. You should see your phone's storage under 'Computer' in the file system or as an icon(s) on the desktop.
    7. My pictures are in: DCIM folder -> Camera
    8. Copy and paste whatever you want.

    The key is to 'turn off USB debugging' and to connect to the 'USB mass storage'.

    Sorry that I can't be of more 'specific' help to you.

    Rob. (A complete android newbie!)

    Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100 ICS I9100XWLP3

    My Blog:

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    thanks for the replies
    sorry for the delay in answering

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    Sumsung phones need drivers in order to run and open it in a computer you just need to download the driver for it or a pc software for samsung here try this page.
    just surf on Samsung mobile official website and search for solutions. Sumsung Kies or Android transfer may be of great help for you.
    Read more

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    I was looking for the same solutions and found that AirDroid and Kies Air work pretty well.

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    Well, i just went through the process! I got too many photos on my Samsung phone without deleting any one! And it appears to be such a mess! To better manage the files, and also for backup, i just copy photos from Samsung phone to pc! I used a transfer tool from the web after comparing a variety of tools!

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    Well, there are many software works well in this field, you can google it, good luck!

    here is a good tip: How to Transfer Pictures from Android Phones to Computer

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