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  1. The Simplest Method to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung SIM Card

    There is a problem that many Android phone including Samsung users may encountered. For example, the vital messages were deleted by mistakes or important photos were lost because of misoperation. Anyway, accidents is inevitable in real life. So what will you do if you meet these situations?

    If you want to recover the deleted files from your Android phone, the first thing you need to do is to stop using your mobile phone. Because the deletion didnít damage or destroy the files and ...
  2. Print Text Messages from Android

    Sometimes, you may wish to store some important messages to other places to check for fun or for recalling you of precious memories. Or you even need to keep some messages as evidence in a civil court matter for fear that they are lost for the wrong deletion and some additional unexpected reasons. In these cases, printing the SMS recordings to paper could be a modest solution.

    You can print any documents on your computer via a printer. So if you need to print off text messages to ...
  3. How to retrieve deleted text messages from android

    For many of us, messages are not only used to deliver information to our friends, relatives and business partners; but also be saved as a memorandum to help users store important and valuable moments.
    Thus, the loss of these text messages can be treated as a big disaster in some specific situations. So many situations will cause the message loss on your mobile phone, you cannot finish this task without the help of professional 3-rd party recovery tool. Such android data recovery tool can ...
  4. How to recover deleted photos from android

    For all Android users, an occasionally photo losing may also means lots, especially when you have no backups on other places. That is mainly because of photos always can recall people's some special memories in a period of time. We all know that photos on the Android phone are always stored in the phone's external SD card, and when you delete a picture from it, that doesn't mean you have erased the picture from the external SD card permanently.
    Android Data Recovery is needed for all Android ...