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New Amazon Fire HD6 review after a couple months of use.

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I have had my Amazon Fire HD6 for a couple months now. I was a bit skeptical at first being such a heavy Google user and knowing that you cannot install any Google application on an Amazon tablet.

I love how the tablet is completely tied into your Amazon account including the user interface. Sometimes a bit to much considering how easy it is to "One Click Buy" things.

I love the total immersion into Amazon media you have at your fingertips. Amazon Prime for streaming movies and TV shows, especially since Amazon is the only streaming service with a contract with HBO. You will notice the difference in the amount of titles compared to Netflix (but you can also install Netflix). But I also like the fact that purchasing or renting newer movies from Prime extremely convenient, with prices being extremely fair in my opinion.

I know that some people have the issues with digital books and I used to. There are times that I miss the actual feeling of holding a real book in my hands. But the convenience Kindle gives you is just amazing. Especially with the Kindle Unlimited subscription. Access to hundreds of thousands of books to read for 10$ a month. For someone who reads a lot, you cannot beat that. The Kindle's and Fire's also have the whyspersync (yes that is how it is spelled), which allows you to switch between reading your book and having text to speech read it to you. They have done a great job with making the voice pleasing and non robot speaking.

Amazon has also introduced Prime Music streaming. It is really in its infancy with very few titles but it is slowing growing every week. You also of course have access to install Pandora and Spotify or upload your music to the device or to your Amazon cloud.

The New Fire's are also the first Amazon tablets to come with front and rear facing cameras. The quality isn't spectacular but it's a tablet not a Nikon. Skype works great, I believe the front facing camera is 720p so it's pretty great quality.

Battery life is so much more than I was expecting. With its smart suspend feature you can get some amazing battery life out of this tablet. I can typically get about 5 to 6 hours of movies, TV, YouTube watching. Followed by reading or listening to a book for a couple hours before bedtime and still have 20 to 30% battery left.

Overall I would give this tablet a 8/10. If I wasn't so heavily invested in Google or Amazon allowed the installation of some Google apps it would be a 10/10.
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