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How to recover deleted photos from android

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For all Android users, an occasionally photo losing may also means lots, especially when you have no backups on other places. That is mainly because of photos always can recall people's some special memories in a period of time. We all know that photos on the Android phone are always stored in the phone's external SD card, and when you delete a picture from it, that doesn't mean you have erased the picture from the external SD card permanently.
Android Data Recovery is needed for all Android phone users, so here I'd like to make an introduction of one useful method.

How to recover deleted pictures

Instructions to perform on Windows computer

Step1. Download and install the program on your PC.

Step2. Root your Android devices and enable USB debugging to make the phone can be detected,then connect your Android devices to computer via USB cable.

Step3. Have a preview of the photos in list mode and mark those you need. Then, click on the Recover button on the bottom of the panel to save the restored photos on your computer.