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So, I downloaded a couple of books from Project Gutenberg in html format. I wasn't getting on very well reading them in my browser so, after a bit of research, I installed Aldiko on my SGS2. Contrary to what I'd read, the app doesn't appear to support html. So, after a bit more research, I logged in to my openSUSE box at home using Connectbot and installed Calibre. Then, using AndFTP, I uploaded the files from my phone. Switching back to Connectbot, both files were converted to epub format in a matter of minutes using the ebook-convert command. Having downloaded the converted files, Aldiko imported them perfectly. I'm pretty certain none of that would have been possible without free software - Linux in particular!
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    Post is old but AFAIK, Poject Gutenberg files should read in HTML viewer.

    ePub is a restrictive format requiring a non universal programme (aldiko in this case) to read it.