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Copying any content - SMS messages, contacts, Email messages, and data

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If you are using any version of Android on any device, as long as you are not fundamentally against using standard Google services, then use Google Contacts to manage your contacts, use Google Gmail as one of your Email programs, and use Google services, such as Google Drive and Google Docs to store, update, and copy information.

If you haven't been doing this in the past, you may find that you'll have some work, initially, to get everything right in the Google version of the tool that you are using. Once you're past that point, however, you can get at your information from any system that allows you connectivity to Google services. Note that not all companies (such as your employer) allow you to use personal Google services, so check into it if you intend to copy or move anything between a work and home device - it may be against company policy.

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