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    how can use phone net on pc via usb

    i have galaxy ace plus 7500, i aqm new in linux centos ,
    plz tell me how can i use my phone network on pc using
    usb. and would you give stap by stap setting for pc and phone. [sory bad english]

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    Samsung galaxy S Duos Samsung galaxy note 2 (currently stolen)
    on android
    2 options, 1 with USB, another one using your samsung as portable hotspot (my favorite method)
    for USB first connect the USB cable between samsung and PC
    all else as below

    on samsung
    > settings > wireless and networks > tethering ad portable hotspots
    then either activate
    USB tethering
    mobile hotspot

    on your linux box use your networking tools to configure (I use opensuse linux = nm-applet to manage connections

    good luck

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