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    Android Tablet [ does not go beyond start svreen.

    The start screen on this tablet has three stages[Are they all the same?]
    1st The small Android logo

    2nd The full screen image

    3rd The Android word with rolling dark/light

    The next page is the unlock option

    This Tablet intiially did all of that.

    Then this week the 'Unlock option did not appear and it went straight to the desktop.
    now iy only go as far as stage three and sricks does not go to the full screen.

    Several re sets have not resolved the problem

    Whaat is the nbext move please
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    A Thought is the problem a Virus/Malware?
    If so- What is the remedy?

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    Another thoyght

    At the restore function now shows no files only an invite to down load from SD card- did I go too far and delete the system.
    , and the device is like a PC with a formatted drive waiting for a system disk?

    If this the case downloading ICE Cream Sandwich and putting it onto SD card and running it may be the answer

    Googling therefore for ICS lead to pages of all sorts of variation but no simple Google down download
    Any suggestions there?

    Another extreme thought
    If my surmise is correct- Then as this device is fairly meaty - 1Gb Ram 38Gb storage [16gb+32 SD card
    Cpild I run a Linux distro Ubuntu 10 say?

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    Looks like time for warranty service. Did you, by chance, go for the extended warranty.

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