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    Alternative Android UI choices

    I have not yet owned any hardware that runs Android , but I plan to soon. Currently, I am narrowing down a short list of handsets that would be ideal for me.

    In a way, I am very drawn to the alternative approach that that WP7 as taken in terms of an interface; I often feel like Android is very iOS-like, which puts me off a bit.

    As I have been browsing, I've noticed some Android users have created WP7-like interfaces/front-ends/applications for Android, which excites me, as it says to me--a guy who's never really used an Android phone before--that Android truly is fully customizable, in ways that iOS and WP7 never will be.

    My real question: Are there any interface options that take a completely different approach to the UI, unlike iOS and WP7?

    Completely is relative though. I'm more interested in an "original" user interface as opposed to something that attempts to clone another UI.

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    Even with the stock Android UI, you can change lots of aspects of it. To me, the only way in which Android might resemble iOS (only because iOS existed before Android), is with the use of app icons and the ability to "swipe" home screens...

    And that hardly resembles iOS, at least in my opinion. I bet you've looked at a lot of the new Samsung phones that include Samsung's TouchWiz UI, they tend to resemble iOS a little more than the average Android interface...

    In Android, you have a "Launcher". This is what provides home screens, an app drawer, wallpapers, certain animations, etc. Basically the main UI of your home screen. Changing your Launcher is just a tap away in the Android Market, and can dramatically change the way you interact with your Android.

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    I called it iOS-like mainly because both UIs seem to depend on app icons as a major "organization tool", yes. I do like the idea of having full-out widgets for my important applications, but having seen too many phones with tons of ugly app icons filling screen after screen [clutter!] I am very afraid for my life.

    I have seen a few different launcher interfaces now (Sense UI, Launcher, LauncherPro, TouchXperience, etc.), but as I'm unable to actually try them out, I am unsure of how customizable and extensible they really are, and because I'm unfamiliar with Android, I don't even really know where to find the information I seek. (Especially, finding useful Android blogs has been a bit frustrating, but then again, I've been searching rather specifically.)

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    Well the only interface I know of on Android that resembles iOS is the interface that comes with the Miui roms. Some interfaces such as TouchWiz (Samsung), Sense UI (HTC), MotoBlur (Motorola) will come with their respective manufacturer, where as Launcher Pro, ADW Ex, Go Launcher Ex, and many others can be used on any Android phone, with free and non-free versions in the market. All have their own level of customizing, plus with other addons, you can have your phone look as close to or as far from iOS as you like.

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