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    Anti Virus for Abdroid Tablet- reccommend

    Do Android powered tablet require Ant Virus protection?
    If so what is reccommended and how to go about insralling the same.

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    as long as you install software through "google play" or some trusted source you don't need antivirus, and installing on would be waste of battery and speed of your device.

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    I run Lookout on two Droids and a Xoom Tablet. Lookout is available in play Store.

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    I'm using Lookout, free from the Market. If you feel you need one, that's the one I'd recommend. It's had no noticeable effect on my performance. It has some nice features beside AV as well.

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    Hmm nice...also you can opt for Quick Heal Mobile Security. It's too suitable for Tablet PC.

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    I agree with yooy, I have been using an Android for the last 5 years and have never encountered a virus. I'm not saying that they are not out there, but they are very rare especially if you are careful about where you download your apps from and follow the same rules about opening attachments in emails that you would on a computer.

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    Yeah you are correct Squirrle...Virus Counts are Just about 6000 approx. But I agree with you in using and Downloading the apps must be very careful.

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    However, I just read that users that are using devices that are not compatible with flash that there have been a string of fake flash downloads that are actually Trojan horses so be careful.

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