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    Can connect an external usb keyboard to Acer Iconia Tab?


    I've an Acer Iconia Tab A500 with ICS.

    I'm trying to connect an external USB Keyborad (Wireless Trust Slimline Media DeskJet, really it acts as a common usb keyboard).

    System doen't detects it. I've tried installing 'External Keyboard Helper Demo' and 'Null input Method' but keyboard doesn't work with tablet.

    ¿Can any tell me if is possible to connect the keyboard to the table and make it work?


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    The benefit/trouble with Android is being open installers/manufacturers put their own 'twist' on a particular brand.

    That being said I have had experience with two tablets and both connected successfully with a generic Keyboard/tablet holder as sold through Amazon.
    So the answer I would imagine is a qualified yes --Contact your particular makes help facility

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    Just reset your pc, and try this again.

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