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    Resurrection from the bricked

    Attempts at recovering from a boot failure. looks like a have managed to delete the whole system on a MoMo11

    Looking at it as if it were a PC architecture then what I have now is the BIOS telling me to load a system disk- or in Android parlance from Micro SD card.
    So I am looking around the usual p-lace for say[B] Ice Cream Sandwic[h/B] download and as far as I can see there is isn't one.
    So whats next?
    Could I for example load a Linux distro - say Ubuntu or similar?
    And woul this have the necessary to work the touch screen?

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    I have been pointed to GTR Electronics for a set of down loads to achieve this -
    I can recommend this site and its owner Gary Ried for helpfulness.
    However it seems that the packages that download are not Linux/Ubuntu comparable being in .rar wich is a windowze zip.

    Attempting to unpack bring up no can do messages and an ad. for Crossover- and they want MONEY= Grrrr

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