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    Question Has anyone used VMWare?

    We're investigating the possibility of running VMs on Android. Anyone with any experience that can point me at some good links on how to get started with that? We need robust isolation.

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    I have successfully installed and run Bochs emulator running a Dos 620 image on my LG Apex running 2.2.2. It runs very slowly, but it runs. I'm thinking of trying Qemu, which is supposed to be faster, but I only use the system as backup for an old accounting system of mine. VMWare does not emulate the CPU so you could only run ARM based systems on an Android device, if you could get VMWare ported. Bochs and Qemu both emulate the entire computer, including the CPU. Theoretically, you could run Windows 3.1, 95 or 98 or even others, but speed would be cripplingly slow. You could probably run DSL (Damn Small Linux) fairly well, but getting networking to function would be the real issue...I'm sure someone has accomplished it. In fact, DSL may be my next effort. )

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