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    Rooting- and how do I know if the device is?

    In trying to get Android reloaded- and the difficulty I am having- the mention had been made of ensuring the device is 'Rootied'

    This I gather is the same as Administrator in M/S Parlance or Sudo in Linux.

    When I switch on the device whilst holding down +Volumle the screen presents with the Android icon prone and ready for operating upon.

    The screen copmes up and invites to load from external storage/device
    Can I assume that is 'Rooted' and it is ready to go?

    Liive suite

    Is a program that is run in a Windows computer to aid in this process. It comes as a .rar files which is a zip file.
    Unpacked it presents an .exe file which needs to be run in the Windows machine before connecting the dice to proceed further.
    Getting the file unpacked OK
    but it will not ruin on XP Vista or Win 7- though it is rated to do so.

    Any useful thoughts please

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    First, not every android device will have a
    key. For instance the android tablet that I got last week (my first) doesn't have any buttons or keys other than the power up/down key. So I am guessing that it is not in superuser mode yet.

    As to live suite, i'll try and give feedback.


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    I think rooting is precanions thing, if you do not want to loss your phone, then be more careful

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