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    Application crashed

    I am new to android development dont know much about its process scheduler, signal handling and memory allocation.

    I have made an application which is successfully running on linux but when i try to run that application on android it get crashed.

    I run application in android as an separate process not within the android framwork.(i.e not as a service)

    it crash on the following statement

    INT32 vidCapDetectResolution(HANDLE pHandle, UINT32 *pResolution)
    *pResolution = sPreset.preset; (crash here)

    I dont know what;s wrong with this statement.

    A quick response will be heartly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Step 1
    Pull the battery from your Android mobile phone if an app crashes while you are using it. This performs a soft reset that doesn't clear the data from your phone, but can sometimes resolve issues such as a crashed app. Replace the battery after one minute.

    Step 2
    Check the Android Market for an update for the app. Access the Market and touch “Menu.” Tap “My Apps,” and then touch the app. Tap “Update” and wait for the update to install on your phone.

    Step 3
    Uninstall the crashed app from your mobile phone. Touch “Menu,” then tap “Settings.” Touch “Manage Applications,” then tap “All.” Touch the crashed app, then tap “Uninstall.” Access the Android Market and download the app when the removal is complete.

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    Hi Keira...

    Mr Shabbir is asking for the the Development code and not for app crash, he is developing code which gets crash at a point of instance.if you can help him...Sorry I couldn't help coz i'm not a developer..

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