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    Photoshop elements and/or HTC Incredible Camera frustrations

    I have all of the above and I really don't find them terribly easy to use. I was with my daughter today who has an iphone and she was taking beautiful pics. So, I had to admit that it was both a better camera and easier to use. But, I have the photoshop elements app. Tried to show her but discovered that the app is looking for my pics on the SD card and the camera is sending them to the phone's memory. How do I fix this? I'll wait for your answers while I am poking around both these apps. Don't hurry, because I don't think I will find the answers on my own!

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    Oh, shucks. Figgered it out myself. find settings! But, had to connect phone to PC to copy all the pics to the SD card. I still could use suggestions on a good phone app. Just want to take pics, no talking balloons, no funny ears or noses. Just take pictures easily!

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