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    Apps on Arnova 7 G3

    Hello all
    I have just purchased an Arnova 7 G3 and installed my favourite ebook reader, Moon+.
    The tablet will only access AppsLib and i gather from another post in this forum that there are problems if set
    to access Android Market (Google Play?).
    The version of Moon+ on AppsLib is 1.1.4 and I have problems reading .epubs. I contacted the developer and
    was advised to upgrade to the latest version 1.8.4.
    I have emailed AppsLib to see when this version will be available, but failing this, is there any way of installing
    apps from other places ? If so, where are these other places?
    I am relatively new to Android and am not yet fully accustomed to it.

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    This seems good, if i have money, i would like to have it.

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