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    I tried to watch a program through BBC iPlayer on my GS3 Jelly Bean.
    I selected the program, selected Play and received a message
    Update now
    An important update to BBC Media Player is available. You must update
    to the latest version.
    I selected OK, and was greeted wih a screen labelled BBC Media Player,
    with two buttons, Uninstall and Open.
    Open led to the same dialog about the update.
    Uninstall led to a dialog stating
    This app was not installed by Google Play Store. Do you want to
    uninstall it ?
    BBC Media Player is on Google Play with Uninstall and Open.
    Open leads to the same dialog about the update.
    Selecting Uninstall again leads to the message not installed by Google Play
    Am I correct in assuming that I should carry on and uninstall, followed by install
    from Google Play ?
    Sorry for such a simple question but I am completely new to Android except for
    just installing apps from the play store.

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    I have sorted it out.

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