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    Live suit

    This is a program that helps with getting Android back into a 'bricked' tablet.

    The problem with it is it anly works in Win XP

    So whats to do if there is no access to an XP machine?

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    I read somewhere that one can also use a VM for the purpose. I think in this case you'll need the VM control over the USB port you are going to connect your tablet to.
    And maybe it is possible to do under Wine.

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    If it doesn't work in WinXP, then try it in Win7, hope this can work...

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    Live Suite does work in Win7. I've used it twice to recover my Polaroid PMID705.

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    thank you all,it seems that the original download and install was damaged
    moved to another machine[Win7] download both parts,worked first time.

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