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    samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 / android 4.0.4(not rooted)

    Exclamation Need offline google satellite/hybrid maps in Japan?


    This is a manual for those who want their google satellite maps in Japan on their android device.
    As of 201210, google officialy disallows offline maps in Japan.

    I might live longer if I don't know why. You might too, by the way. By saving your nerves. Nobody really is surprised by such things nowadays, right? No hard feelings, and stuff. That's how the world goes.

    Taking off.
    I've browsed many free applications and the only one that was capable of random area caching was "Maps (-)"/"maps minus". It's ugly since you can't zoom in/out with your fingers just like always, you have to press zoom buttons on screen, but it will do the trick. At least, it did for me. If you handle it with care, it won't even segfault on you ;) Confirmed to work on android 4.0.4, samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1.
    Application comes with three maps,
    1. Open Street Map
    2. Open Cycle Map
    3. Google Map

    Want it or not, hate it or not, google satellite maps collection is one of the best out there.
    After searching around application settings I found no trace of google satellite/hybrid, yet they are clearly seen on screenshot of application. How came? Ok, let's dig into settings.
    You find a links to OSM and OCM, that's usual. And there is also a links to google maps. That's interesting. I googled for that link and found this page:
    Finally, it's what you've been looking for.
    Go back to settings of maps, add new, title it as google hybrid. Copy the x,y,z format from google maps config.
    Add a server:
    and you're done.
    If you want raw satellite maps instead, refer to this server link:
    Go back to maps, navigate to place you'd like to have cached and save it. To ensure it really worked, close application once cached, kill it via task manager, clear your entire ram, shut down connection, go to airplane mode or even reboot, if you're unsure. Get back to it and see for yourself, it should still be there. At least it was for me after all these actions, including reboot. You can as well store many many maps captured via this application on your external microSD card. Be sure to save all locations you'd be heading to in a highest zoom level long before your travel and double-check them in full offline mode after boot. Yeah, things happen, but at least you can always tell the regions you won't go to. Try to cache most of places around targeted regions while you have your free uplink.
    What's funny this page comes from other similar application. Yet it's not free, I didn't try it, since I don't need any other features aside from cached satellite map, I've other free applications for street navigation purpose. Just a note, if you don't know at least a bit Japanese, don't take offline navigation/search maps lightly as that, you'll need them. This was supposed to be a manual for those who know at least the direction where they are about to head, okay? That's just a basic cacher application, no more no less.

    Tags for SE (ignore it, i just want this to be easily findable on the web as it may be useful)
    offline maps japan, offline satellite maps japan, google maps offline japan, google maps japan, google hybrid offline japan
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GT-P3113TS
    I know you've marked this solved and I know you want satellite maps, But in your tags you've added offline maps (sans satellite) ... Hopefully this isn't off topic or unwanted ... I'd like to recommend CoPilot Live for anyone who doesn't mind using a street map.
    It is offline, functions with GPS location, can be used to give directions in a variety of ways (Driving,walking,bicycle,etc), has Points of Interest (POIs) and major landmarks (bridges,tunnels, and the like), includes ferry routes, and only displays the maps you want (I have a Northwest region map), and will even calculate gas costs for trips... The app+map only takes about 50Mb for me (more depending on how many maps you wish to d/l), and has been reliable. Their site offers maps for every major country ... Voice navigation is a paid only feature so I don't have it, But it has been a great free offline map for me.

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