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    Tablet stolen, seeking assistance

    The other day my brother put his Samsung tablet up for sale on Craigslist. He got an asnwer about it within a couple days and he wiped it to get ready to sell it. When he took it to where he was supposed to meet the fellow who was to purchase it, the guy paid him with counterfeit cash. He filed a police report and all that jazz, but he is wondering if there is anyway to locate where the tablet is via apps, or whatever would work. He doesn't have the serial number and has tried contacted Samsung and they pointed him to Samsung Dive, but he isn't sure if it will work. Would anyone happen to have any advice? It would be most appreciated :-)

    And my apologies if I put this in the wrong forum.

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    Can he go back to the retailer where he got it originally, they usually record serial numbers and such for warranty purposes. Then given that perhapps Samsung can track back to pull up the Mac address of the Wireless adapter which might help.

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    I can have him try that, thank you

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    Samsung dive works IF that samsung device ever was registered with samsung site

    tracking/locating etc work but pls keep reading below

    and if you ever signed in to google play store with that android device,
    then you can have "android lost" installed remotely from any PC !!

    "android lost" has additional features such as making pics from user, recording, etc

    BEFORE scaring te thief I FIRST would gather as much information as possible, such as different locations the tab is during days, call records, pics from front ad back camera, battery status to know when device goes offliine,

    then after a few days you may start to communicate with owner (through above procedures you got HIS new SIM card/phone number as well as his called numbers of all his friends ad contacts

    samsung dive has too few features alone for a successful recovery unless you have a long call log with repeated in and out going calls to same numbers and live in a high tech police country. I had a few weeks ago my galaxy note 2 stolen and while I have call logs and locations, I have NO police support i8n Cambodia and meanwhile my galaxy offline ad all communication lost.

    without ever registering that tab to samsung OR google play store, chances are near zero.

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