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    Finding the right DVD copied video player?

    Hi, I have downloaded some videos from DVD to micro sd card, but can't play them and now want to download a player that can play .BUP .IFO .VUB Videos. Even VLC beta does not start up when I opt for the video to play, and I was surprised to find so many files for one video. 3 .BUP 2 .IFO AND 3 .VOB

    There are 20 important DVD videos there for me. Hope you have the player for me.

    Free or paid is ok.

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    I looked up VOB and found HD Video Player Free by October 31 inc, downloaded it and it works well and looks great, user friendly list of all VOB files. Good.

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    It was good, but since installing the app, it has crashed and won't start. So back to looking for the right app.

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