Hi, guys!

I'm kind of a newbie with android so don't go too fast. I want to show some information that comes from a cursor-like structure into a ListView.

I had already loaded it into the ListView by doing something like this:

myListView.setAdapter(new MyAdapter(myActivity, dataCursor));
myListView would be a ListView, MyAdapter is a ListAdapter that can get the information from the cursor into TextViews (inflated from one of the layout files). That works fine.

Now, I have noticed that I have to break this original data into separate categories in the ListView. This will involve creating differet GroupViews (from xml layout files I think) in order to add different rows into each one of them and those new GroupViews will end up in myListView.

But I want to go one step at a time so that I can see what's going on for future references.

So, first step: I want to add different categories into myListView instead of using the previous adapter. Right now I do it by creating instances of TextView with the name of the category as text. Like this for each category:

for (blahblah) {
    TextView categoryName = new TextView(activity);
    categoryName.setText("some category");
It runs fine but I don't see any categories in the listview at the end (and I'm making sure I'm going into this cycle for each category). What am I missing?