I have a Samsung Captivate (That's an AT&T branded Galaxy S) that is currently running Gingerbread. I have also rooted it.

I am trying to install Jellybean, but slowly tearing my hair out. In the recovery console, there is no advanced option or option to wipe the dalvik cache. When I try to install the new firmware (AoCP-i897-CP3.zip), I get an error stating "E:Short write of /tmp/sideload/package.zip (Np space left on device)"

This is slowly driving me nuts. I have spent literally hours on Google, but the few references I have found don't really fully explain (in idiot-speak!) what to do. They talk about changing the install location and stuff, but HOW?????

Anyway, any help would me most gratefully recieved. Depending on how JellyBean performs, I may keep with Android rather than moving to iOS when my contract is up in January, so mI'm keen to get testing :-)

Thanks, all!