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    Need to make Epic 4G (Not S2) USB Dubugging with broken screen.

    I broke the screen to my Epic, it's black. I need to get my contacts off the phone and they are not saved to either my gmail or my sd card. I have downloaded and installed Kies which seems to be able to access my contacts from my computer. But I need to enable USB Debugging. Can someone help me with a step by step process to enabling it with the keyboard. I see the menu and arrow keys. Just something like menu, down, right, enter, down x5, enter, down x4, enter x3. Thanks this would be really helpful.

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    Now don't take anything that follows in this post as knowledge ... But I've been digging around on Google ... and a few suggestions have popped up that may fit your situation. 1) Have you connected an HDMI cable and used a TV/PC monitor to act as your screen? 2)Holding power + Volume down gets you into DOWNLOAD MODE, On some devices it seems that a combo of Power,Volume+/-,Home will enter debug mode. That's all I got for now. Out of those 2 ideas (which even I have to admit, Aren't that great) I would say getting an HDMI cable and using an external screen is your best bet. No need to enable USB debug (Or at least you will be able to see the menu to do so) since you can do it all from tv/monitor. Good luck, and sorry I can't be of more help

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