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    Random Reboot

    This is more of an answer than a question, I recently had a problem with my phone doing random re-boots, a search through the many forums gave no answers but I saw that there were many with similar problems.I my case I had both dropped my phone with the battery and cover flying off and I was also busy trying a custom ROM install. My first action was to go back to the stock ROM for my phone (Motorola milestone XT720) without rooting, the random reboots continued. The reboot was always back to the initial screen (as with switch on) but the SIM login was not lost after the reboot. I then installed "catlog" to see if I could catch what was cusing the reboots, this proved nothing and there were no errors or alarms being logged, I also tried recording the logs through ADB with the same result, it just stopped logging and ADB went off line. I tried changing the SD card and re-formatting the card without success. I tried limiting the CPU speed and voltage without any success, the very last thing I tried was to replace the SIM card with a spare and this cured the fault, placing the SIM in another phone caused problems with that phone. I have now swapped my SIM card and all is fine. The moral of this story is if you have reboot problems check the SIM card first and not last.
    I hope this helps anyone who is experiencing the same symptoms I had.

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    Thanks for the tip, my droidx randomly rebooted on froyo.
    But since I upgraded to tbh rooted 596 , I haven't had a reboot since, so if it starts, I will check the sd.

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