I am a linuxquestions member for some time now, but recently got my first android system. It is a Vedia X6 tablet. It has an ARMv7 cpu on RK29 board (that's what /proc/cpuinfo says) and runs Android 4.0.3 Kernel 3.0.8 . I am quite excited with this platform, but disapointed too in some aspects. Eg the device has 512MB RAM but only 292MB available to applications, 4GB Flash memory, but only 512 available to application installs, the rest is for file storage, effectively useless. I don't know if these are manufacturer's fault or android generic issues (or, you could say, "features"). I also am quite disapointed with the lack of administrative features; I am used to being the root of my systems, and I haven't managed to root this device yet. Neither have found any info on cyanogen mod. However I don't give up yet