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    Pictures in vcard formats.

    I recently got a tablet. It came with a lot of preloaded apps which is one of the reasons I got this model.

    It uses Google's people app as the address book. However, in this the Picture" icon is greyed and I am unable to add links to photos in the local drive that I know exist. (I am sure that they exist and that I got the upper/lower case stuff right).

    On investigation, I found that the export option saves in vcard format and so I manually inserted the link into the data file and re-imported it again. Still it doesn't show up.

    I then redownloaded the people app but there was no change in the result.

    So, I need to know what I am doing wrong and how to solve the problem - preferably keeping the people app.

    Also, in addition to thegoogle play store, where else can I get additional information on this?


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    I am searching on it..................

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