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    Eclipse Novus Screen Locked up, can't login


    Yesterday I my Eclipse Novus started acting really slow and and the touch screen was locking up periodically. I have been playing with the "advanced task killer" and apon reading more on it I relised thay may have been a mistake, as it tends to slow down devices. I have a program which displays the CPU and Mem usage on screen and it is indicating that something is using MASSIVE amounts of memory.

    I suspect that my phone is so bogged down that the touch sensing is no longer responding. Unforuntetly this means that I can not enter my security pattern. I tried loading in safe mode in hopes that this would prevent the memeory guzzling task from loading, but alas it did not. "Advanced task killer" was a factory installed app so it loads (but third party ones like my cpu/mem meter do not"... and of coarse the screen pattern still comes up and I cannot enter it.

    The trackball, and other buttons work some of the time but the touch screen does not work at all. It there a way to force it out of the touch screen (even if I have to type something using the trackball on the on screen keyboard), or perhaps a program I can use on my computer to override the startup list when it is plugged into the usb.

    If there is a program I am running Fedora 14 on my main computer, but I have access to windows computers if there is a windows one.


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    After talking with ChinaVasion I have sent it back under the terms of my warranty.

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