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    does my samsung galaxy backup my skype messages?

    hi everyone

    i've been using samsung galaxy android that i've got from someone and i was continuing using it despite it was linked to his gmail. i have my skype app installed on it.

    i am afraid that the phone was syncing my skype with his gmail account or was doing backups of my skype data and messages.

    i am going to reset my phone to default factory settings and change my skype pass and link it to my own gmail, but my question is:

    if he signs in with his gmail account to his own galaxy can he restore from backup my skype data that was on my phone while i was using it and while it was linked to his gmail account???

    if he installs skype on his android phone -- was that skype synced and can he see my skype message history or if he doesnt know my skype pass he cant see anything?

    can he see my skype message history from his gmail? because i was using skype on his phone and it was linked to his gmail.

    please help me where to find more info about those things.

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    dont worry..... check for more info goto skype ang gmail help on their website.

    - - - Updated - - -

    after restoring everything is cleared.

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    What version of the Galaxy is it?

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    it should after all is a very performant phone... also I have a HTC and i sent messages from skype through phone and it memored all

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    Don'd worry. He can get your skype information and your information will not be deleted.

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