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    Galaxy S is very unstable; how to fix?

    We changed phone services on Dec 12, 2011. My iPhone 3GS couldn't be used, because it uses SIM chip, and C-Spire (new carrier) only uses CDMA. So we got 2 Samsung Galaxy S phones (free w/2 year contract).

    I don't know all these little names like Gingerbread and such, but they both are:

    Hardware version: I500.05
    Model number: SCH-I500
    Firware version: 2.3.5
    Baseband version: S:i500.05 K.EI20
    Kernel version
    Build number: SCH-I500.RI20
    (anything else that should be listed, just let me know where to get it)

    Since the first week we owned these phones, they have (1) hung, (2) crashed, (3) spontaeously rebooted, (4) exhibited different levels of performance without us changing even a setting.

    I have called, and texted, customer service almost weekly for this entire year. From the very first call the customer service rep could not give me any helpful thing to do concerning the spontaeous reboot. "Maybe it has a virus," she guessed. After explaining a little bit about the Linux-based OS, using the Linux kernel, she said, "Sir, we're not trained on Android. We're only trained on Mac and Windows. You know more about this than me."

    I was waiting until Dec 12, 2012, when I could exchange the Samsung for an iPhone. However, when that day came, I found out it would cost me $190 plus the promo cost of my desired iPhone. There was some iPhone 4 that was no extra charge, but they no longer carry them. The cheapest was $50 for, iirc, an iPhone 5 (probably would restart the 2-year contract). And, they would give me only $40 for my Galaxy. So, we haven't changed...yet.

    My question is this...

    What can I do to update/upgrade this phone? Certainly there are updates to the OS which will fix old bugs. The phone itself only updates apps atm.

    I'm not interested in doing something that might brick the phone, just the normal updates. C-Spire is completely and totally no help.

    NB: I had one of the first cell phones in the U.S. back in the 80s, and it was with Cellular South, which changed it's name to C-Spire in 2011. We have had phones since in the U.S., Taiwan, and China -- and a lot of phones in China when we lived there from 2002-2011. Let me say unequivocally that this Samsung Galaxy S is the WORST phone, or any type of electronic device, that I've ever owned ... hands down!

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    Have you tried factory-resetting the phone?

    After doing that you can try to check new update with Kies.

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    The most common cause of crashes is poorly-written software. One of the third-party apps on your phone may be causing the problems. You might try removing apps you added, one by one, and seeing if stability returns. It's not perfect, and it is a PITA, but it may be the only way to fix the problem.

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