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    What to expect from a cheap tablet?

    I apologize for the not very technical question but at the moment I have a very tight budget. I have looked on Amazon UK a couple of very cheap tablets with mixed (but predominantly good reviews). I don't really trust the Amazon reviews, I wonder if any of you has any experience with any of these:



    I would be using these mainly to watch foreign tv programs with subtitles therefore I need a full version of Flash.

    Thank you very much for your attention

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    HI ottavo. I bought my tablet 9 months ago from Amazon for 79.99 it had 16 mb of memory which was uinusual then at that price. Both of your choices look good although I am not sure of the amount of memory the cheaper one has. It is better to choose one with a recognised op system, mine is ice cream sandwich. The android tablet performs pretty much as a pc does but smaller and more fiddly particularly with the on screen keyboard until you get used to it. You can use your current web provider for net connection.
    I am delighted with mine and I use it mainly for emailing friends and downloading books and then as a kindle style reader and the occasional game. It is an extremely versatile tool.
    If you look at the gold star rating on Amazon I find this very reliable when choosing an item. Both your choices have 4 stars - read the comments carefully.

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    Thanks I've eventually bought a 4.2 inch Samsung Galaxy Player and it's ok. But I'm a bit disappointed by Android's lack of security (long story).

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