Hi there,

I am a long time user of HTC, and I have long time problem with the bluetooth. I tried many BT handsfree sets that support A2DP and they all have disconnection problem, sometimes the music breaking up even at arm's length distance, sometimes the music does not resume after finish an incoming call, sometimes the set connected but give no music on both the fone speaker and the headsfree, and sometimes the set won't auto connect, need to reboot the BT set many times, or turn off and on the fone's BT, it is always that the BT connected to phone audio but not the media part. I called HTC and the standard answer was my BT set not compatible with the fone, but HTC did not invent BT, as long as both unit met the BT standard they should work together, I dun have so much problem with Moto fones, any comment ?