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    Angry Trouble typing text from my phone

    Does anyone else have a problem with the phone lagging behind as you type the text? It has gotten so bad before that I have had to do a factory reset. And now I am experiencing the same problem. My daughter is the same way. She has had to do a factory reset three times. This has all happened since the last udate. Please, any suggestions? I don't want to keep having to do factory resets.

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    No, at least this phone I'm holding now works like magic (an year or so old, android 2.2 with htc sense) when it comes to typing. Not counting human typing errors of course Maybe list your phone model and the operating system version, to be more specific?

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    Droidx running rooted 596 deodexed waiting for stable cyanogen
    go into manage applications, select your keyboard app (swype ?) and click on "clear cache" hope this helps

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