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    Pls i need to know which phone is the best to buy

    I need to know which smartphone is d best to buy.. At least 1000$ below and is running Android 4.0.4 or upgradable to Android 4.0.4... must be Ori, no clones

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    Not sure I understand the question.

    If you need a phone that has Android 4.0.4 I have the Pantech Flex, great device and has that.

    If that is not the question I would suggest the Nexus 4. I just ordered one and it is a great device.

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    Samsung galaxy S Duos Samsung galaxy note 2 (currently stolen)
    Your quesion very general in nature, but if you new to android smartphone devices, here a fe tw2 tips
    (until 1012 may i strictly used nokia, after nokia moved to microsoft OS = I moved to android devices and chose
    Samsung Galaxy series

    If you look up the Samsung webiste
    select your country
    then look and compare at the huge number of different models and features
    staring far below 200US$ it all depends on your rreal needs

    currently I have a samsung galaxy S Duos = android 4, etc
    and I am very happy with its performances - price typically around 250USD

    I also used a galaxy Y and a galaxy note 2 and have friends or family using galaxy tab 7.7 and galaxy S3
    all happy anda ll far below your set limit of USD 1000

    if regular web surfing and text/tutorial/content READING important, then a galaxy note2 is the smallest size that was useful for such purpose AND that fit into my pocket and the smallest unite IDEAL FOR READING/LEARNING was the galaxy tab 7.7 which easily holds like a pocket book and displays full original page font.

    it all depends on your precise NEEDS

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