Hi there,

I am using HTC phones since 2.x, and I used it as wifi hotspot, it worked fine until recently, for unknown reasons the hotspot failed to connect to the internet (via 3G) after couple minutes of use, the browser only shows 'connecting to xxxx', it seems the DNS is down. I tried different phones such as Samsung and Motorola, they all have the same problem, since I don't have another SIM to test, so I blamed the provider for this problem, of course they denied that. But then I find that, I can use the same SIM on USB dongle and stay connected for hours without a single break, this made me wonder the problem is actually caused by Jelly Bean, which I upgraded on all my Android devices ! even strange is that, I could stream music ie. Sky.fm on the phone for an hour without a break, and when it breaks with the hotspot all internet connections go down on the phone as well, I must go offline to reset it. This is really annoying to me, I wonder if anyone have the same problem, or I am alone on this ?