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    Widgets Dont Work!!

    My widgets stopped working and I dunno what to do, I have the Galaxy 5 can anyone help?

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    What widgets stopped working? Has anything on the phone changed? Are you running stock or a custom ROM? Is your phone rooted?

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    ALL of the original ones, like whenever I long press and try to add a widget it won't show and forces close. I dunno what's a ROM and it's not rooted. You know when you go into settings>applications>running services I accidentally touch closed it....

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    Have you tried rebooting the phone?

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    Nope I've got way too much important data is that the only way?

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    Unfortunately that is the only way that I can think of to be able to recover from this. Rebooting should restore functionality to your widgets.

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    Also, rebooting the phone should not cause you to lose any data.

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    Did the reboot work to restore functionality back to your widgets?

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