Hi there,

I am from overseas, I got serious problem with my One X, running on 4.11 with Sense 4+, wonder if I am alone here.

[1] The mobile hotspot doesn't work properly, the wifi part ok my notebook receive it no problem, but can get no internet access, or the internet breaks few minutes after connection, I can't even ping, and when this happens the phone can not get internet as well, can't use the build in apps for internet, until I put it off/online, but the problem will come back soon, until I disable the hotspot. Strange thing is, the SIM works fine on USB dongle, I can stay connected for hours without break, but breaks when use on pocket wifi router, so I can't be sure which part is to blame, the phone, Android, or my proivder throttling my access, and wonder if my provider knows I am tethering.

I then brought the phone back to HTC, and they re-flash the ROM, but new problem follows !

[2] The talk back which I did not enable, goes active suddenly when I browsing with the LinuxQuestions app, but the talkback is off in the settings ! and then after a short while the phone completely dragged down by the unstoppable talkback, not responding to touch, reboot in safe mode did not help, the only way is to hard reset it !

[3] After I reinstall things back, suddenly the ringer muted, the volume auto return to zero when I turn it up, a power reset did fix that.

[4] The phone randomly unmute itself when I am using bluetooth handsfree, I muted the phone before entering church, but it unmuted itself suddenly with incoming message, I can't trust the phone anymore !!

I've long time experience with HTC since the Lengend, I don't have so much of problem before the 'One', the last phone I used is the One S, which annoyed me with bad support of old SIM. My provider does not have microSIM, they simply cut the regular SIM small to fit in the phone, and the phone takes a minute or so to unlock it, which I can get it unlocked in less than half minute with Samsung and Motorola. I don't have all the problem with the One X on other phones, where same set of apps are installed, it seems HTC is getting more and more picky. The 'Sense' is resources intensive, this quad core phone works just like a repackaged dual core, runs no faster than my One S, just slightly faster than the Motorola Razr. HTC is losing me due to all the annoyance, but am I alone here ?