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    QR code reading problem

    Hi there,

    I've been using the Quickmark reader on my HTCs for some time and no problem so far, but it fails to work properly on the One X, the code read fine once but then the lens can't get focus on it, I tried different codes and few other readers, reboot the phone...etc. but all failed, but the camera can take sharp photos so not a hardware problem, only the QR code can not be recongized, I don't know what went wrong with it, any idea ?

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    Is your barcode reader integrated into Android program? It may be the problem of the barcode reader. To figure out this, you can change another barcode reader for android to have a try and see if it is the problem of the barcode reader. It is not hard to find such a tool. Just put the key words on Google and many android barcode generator and reader site will show up. Download their free version to have a try. You do not need to buy it before you figure out the problem.

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    actually, i did not found one barcode reader suitable for android or iphone instead of .net barcode recognition,i tried this one ,but failed

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    If it's not hardware issue. Why don't you get another reader to test. RedLaser is a very good QR code reader, for me at least.

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    i dont know what i sthis

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