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    Upgrading Android version from gingerbread. Samsung galaxy pocket GT-S5302

    I was looking towards upgrading gingerbread to ICS, But Since Ive just gotten my phone so I don't wanna screwup, or void its warenty. I just wanna know if my phone could support ICS or not?

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    You must install Kies and check if there are software upgrades from Kies. I doubt that a phone coming with GB can be upgraded to ICS, however if you look on other forums there are third party ROMs with ICS. I wouldn't do it. Gingerbread is a decent OS.

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    Well I know about the 3rd party roms. But there are none available fo GT-S5302. However I was just wanna know that weather with the specs my phone currentl has, Can It run ICS or any higher update?

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