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    tether Tosiba Thrive to Verizon HTC Incredible

    Has anyone been successful in tethering (USB, BT, WiFi) a Toshiba Thrive (Android 3.1) to an HTC Incredible (Android 2.2)? If so, how? PDANet Tablet (beta 2) is supposed to be able to do this, and one site says that it has been released. But I can't find it anywhere to download - either getting an invalid link message, or at June Fabrics, no link to be found or any information. The market has the beta 1 version and a brief mention that beta 2 is coming soon. Question is when?

    Anybody hear anything new?


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    look at an app called Foxfi. it is a free android app that uses your phone as a wifi hotspot, which
    your tablet should be able to connect to.

    make sure you have a data plan. not sure which android versions are supported


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    Thank you Vanessa! Super recommendation! I had been wanting an app for this since the carriers & Google disabled the ability for Honeycomb & later versions of tablets to connect to Android phones with PDANet. And Foxfi works! - as advertised -&-with a proxy -&- with security! What's not to love about that?

    Thank you again.


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