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    Help rooting phone?


    I have a Galaxy S Nexus

    Model: Nexus S
    Android: 2.3.4
    Base: I9020
    Build: GRJ22

    I purchased this phone from Future Shop, in Canada. It is not affiliated with any company such as Telus or Rogers, it is straight from Samsung. Although it IS on the Telus service. The problem I am having is not the amount of info I can find. It is, rather, the disorganized amount of info I can find. I am SO confused about which image to use, what the exact, step by step process is from start to finish and so on. For example, I read one article that gave wonderful steps and a successful "rooting!". However, at the end there was a list of problems that COULD arise and links to their solutions. Dead links. Subsequent searches for the answers to these supposable problems resulted in not much useful information. Try this, try that scenarios that invariably had one nutter declaring a "pooched" phone. I'm trying to avoid the whole " pooched" phone thing...I use it for work mostly, but I'm a technician and I wanna root my phone goddamit! -lol....

    So I guess what I am asking for is anyone with the same phone as me, rooted, how'd yah do it? Can you provide links to howto's you used? Please?

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    SuperOneClick should do the trick.


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