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    The myth of Android root'ing/romi'ing

    I am in Australia so my comments concern cell phones available in Australia.

    I was an iphone user up until the release of the Samsung Galaxy S.
    The iphone was generally very good but there a few little things I could not do on it.
    I kept hearing all the ballyhoo about how Android is soooo open, sooo free, sooo easy to just root & rom your way to happiness. Bullshit.

    In reality I found the SGS to be a huge disappointment firstly because of the Samsung engineers choosing the wrong file system for the phone then refusal to ever correct it.
    Secondly because of lousy quality. The thing died under warranty 4 times. After 6 months I eventually got a replacement.
    I also made the mistake of buying the phone from a carrier so I got a locked handset even though I had paid for it in full.
    When I did more research about this phone I found that although I could get it to root there was a big problem of finding a rom that had compatible modem drivers for Australian networks.
    Eventually gave up on it & ebay'd it.

    This seems to be the big stumbling block.
    Most of the ROM developers are North Americans or possibly Europeans with a few working on North Asian roms.
    So if you are in Australia be very very careful. You may just waste days/weeks of your life stuffing about with your handset all for nothing.
    Be particularly careful of handsets manufactured for the Telstra network as they seem to have a proprietary network unlike anything in any other country meaning that it is very unlikely your modems will work after flashing some rom based on American/European/Asian networks.

    After getting severely burned by Samsung I bought a couple of Huwawei handsets which as usual had almost no support.
    Got a Motorola Defy+, lots of info about altering a North American Defy but little info otherwise.
    Another problem, most of the rooting/rom'ing tools seem to be windows based. Mac & Linux users apparently ignored in most cases.

    By now I am getting fed up with the situation & so looking at Google to provide a regularly updated handset.
    I tried to buy a Nexus 4 - unobtainium...
    I managed to get hold of a Nexus 7 but only after being price gouged on it by a retailer.
    At least I can see what all the fuss is about. Yes 4.2.2 works nicely on a Tegra 3 chip. The abillity to manage multliple users on a Tablet is unique and very much welcome.

    The xda 'community' is doing some great stuff with some phones but overall it's a mess of mangled information spread all over the place. Reminds me a lot of the Linux world where getting a straight answer to any question involves hours of googling through thread after thread. No disrespect intended.

    I would love to have an Android handset with a much better camera like the HTC ONE X or the Sony Experia Z but I just know it's going to be another (expensive) regret sooo...
    My advice to Australian users?
    Don't be seduced by the fanbois.
    Get an iPhone or Nexus unless you are Windows using 16 years old or 66 years old (unlimited time) and live in North America.
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    North american users m=ight want to check ou t z4root for android

    That ios for the motorola Droid2/ Droid 2 Global which I have successfully root using the aforementioned software crack.

    supported models: models list:

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