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    Mobiwol blocks Muffin Knight (Feint), Samsung Kies, and most likely more

    Hello all, I'm a user of Mobiwol on Android 4.1.2 GT-N7000 (no contract). I spent a long time creating a a lot of block rules on anything deemed unwanted or unnecessary for connecting online. So far, nothing is broken, except this new game I installed called Muffin Knight. You see, I like its cross-platform multiplayer feature, but somehow it won't connect without Mobiwol disabled. The application itself is allowed on Mobiwol, and the firewall logs provide no useful info. There's a notification stating that "You are offline, Feint requires an active network connection" though.

    My question is: what did I block that is required for Feint? I don't want to go through the whole list and test each entry. Thank you for your time.

    Here's my blocklist (excluding third-party apps and games):
    Active apps manager, Android Live Wallpapers, Aurora2, Blue sea, Calculator, Camera, CapabilityManagerService, ChocoEUKor, all clock widgets,,,, CoolEUKor, EnterprisePermissions, Face Unlock, Favourite Apps, FlashAnnotate, FlashAnnotateSvc, FM Radio, Gallery, Helv Neue S, License Settings, Live Wallpaper Picker, Messaging, Microbes, Mini diary, Mini S Note, MusicFX, Music Player, My Files, Ocean weather, OmaDrmPopup, Paper Artist, Photo wall, Polaris Viewer 4.1, Preconfig, RoseEUKor, S Memo, S Note, SASlideShow, SecWallpaperChooser, Serial Number Read/Write, ShutdownApp, Swype, SyncmIDS, SystemInfo, TalkBack, Task Manager, TestService, Trim, Try pan, Video Player, Voice Recorder, Windy weather
    Okay, it's worse than I thought. Even Samsung Kies is affected. Still with everything allowed I cannot connect to my Android with other devices. I believe it has something to do with either built-in incoming block rules, or the way the app uses VPN. Anyhow, I'm uninstalling Mobiwol, because there's no point having a firewall you have to sometimes disable for things to work.
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