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    One tablet (supposedly) based on android doesn't allow some applications to install


    A friend of mine bought one cheap (chilean) tablet and it won't allow some android applications to be installed even though it comes with android. I think it comes with Android 4.x (or something along those lines). I'm wondering if it's really android what's in there.... so, first things first:

    Is there a way to make sure it's really android?

    Second, is there a way this device can be hacked to install a real android on it?

    Tablet is a dotpad dp9.7

    Thanks for any information you could provide.

    PS He is not around the office at the moment but tomorrow I'll ask him about some applications he was able to install, some he wasn't able to and what message he got as the failure cause.

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    Ok, guys... I got a little more info. Basically all applications installed without a problem except for Waze. Anybody knows about glitches to install it and how to solve it? Thanks in advance.

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